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About Todd Murphy 

An Experienced Lawyer For the People

Todd Murphy has a passion for working with people – real people – and helping them find the right solution for their problems. 

With over 15 years of helping people get out of tough situations, Todd Murphy, with his team of experienced lawyers and paralegals can give you the knowledge and expertise you need at a price you can afford. 

You may have noticed that corporations have an awful lot of power these days. They buy politicians and write their own laws. The little guy has a tough time fighting back and often cannot afford the help of a lawyer— just the way corporations like it.

But, Todd Murphy has a passion for representing people when they have been taken advantage of by big business. Credit card companies, pay-day loan sharks, collection agencies, and mortgage lenders don’t stand a chance with Todd Murphy by your side. 

So many of us have suffered from life events that have left us unable to pay the bills and mortgage. In seemingly unmanageable debt and behind on mortgage payments, with bill collectors and lenders threatening: calling day and night and sending nasty letters, we have to take control of the situation and level the playing field.

Home loan modification is the best tool for saving your home and paying back your mortgage. We know how frustrating they can be, but Todd Murphy can teach you how to get a loan modification, even if you've been struggling with one for months, or tried and failed. 

Or, if loan modification isn't the best option for you, as a member of The American Bankruptcy Institute and The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Todd Murphy knows Bankruptcy and can help you take control of your credit problems right now. He can also help you with bankruptcy to save your home from foreclosure. 


Noted for his involvement with arts and music in the New York Metro area and his ongoing support of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, Todd Murphy puts his all into helping regular people make it in New Jersey. He is here to help you next. 

chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer new jersey

Karen, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

I struggled for months to get a loan modification but got nowhere. Then the bank finally scheduled my home for a sheriff sale. We filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to stop the sale and saved our home from foreclosure.

Loan modification lawyer new jersey

Cindy, Loan Modification

I tried many times to get a loan modification, but the bank kept telling me to send in the same papers over and over again. It wasn't until I found Todd Murphy that I was finally able to get a loan modification. He explained the secret process that the banks follow and don't tell you, so that I could submit an approvable loan mod application.

How We Help

The two home-saving tools that we use are loan modifications and bankruptcies. To immediately answer your most pressing questions before our phone call, we've prepared very helpful webinars, courses, and videos for you, found throughout our website.

To start, you can download your Free Consumer Guide to Foreclosure, Loan Modification or Surviving The Sheriff Sale by finding the topic you want more info about on our menu bar. 

If you're lying awake at 2 am, worrying about not knowing how to save your home- you should be able to find the answer here. Go to our research tab on the menu, read some case stories and other articles. Go ahead, take a look and get all of the free information you want. By the time you've read some case studies and articles, studied our consumer guide and watched some of our videos and webinars, you'll be a mini-expert on the subject. 

But, before getting side tracked with all of that great information, book an appointment with me by using the button at the top or bottom of this page. 

We get so many calls coming in throughout the day, and it can be difficult to connect with everyone. We rely upon technology to do the work for the both of us. The button will bring you to my online calendar, you choose the time, and I will call you back at the time you choose; it's as easy as that. Booking an appointment will ensure that we can reach one another and discuss your situation one-on-one. Then we can develop a strategy that works for you. I look forward to helping you!

loan modification chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer foreclosure new jersey

Jack, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 

I was trying for months to get a loan modification but every time the bank told me I didn't qualify. Then we found Todd Murphy Law and filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy right before our home was sold at a sheriff sale. Wow! Were we glad we did. We were able to pay back all our missed payments over 60 months and started to pay our mortgage again right away. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy saved our home when a loan modification could not.

foreclosure loan modification lawyer new jersey bankruptcy

Joanne, Foreclosure

I desperately tried to get a loan mod, but kept being denied. I had been scammed by people who promised that they could help me. I thought that I had run out of options, but then the sheriff sale notice was nailed to my front door, and I decided to make one more call. With Todd Murphy's help I was able to stop the sale and save my home.

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